Updated on December 26, 2016.

General Terms of Use

Welcome! Thanks for being part of our community. When registering in Healfies you accept some rules that grant you rights and duties.

We tried to keep this document as simple as possible, to facilitate your understanding. Please take a moment to read it.

1. Introduction

We are a social health network. Our mission is to engage people in their health information

1.1 Purpose

Our purpose is to engage people in caring for their health, as our services are designed so that people have control over their information, more options in their treatments, and can live better.

1.2 Definitions

In this instrument, the part below is defined:

Healfies Tecnologia Ltda.

CNPJ: 20.605.787/0001-22

Situada na Rod. José Carlos Daux, 4150 / SC-40, Km 4

CEP: 88050-000

Florianópolis / SC

It is hereinafter referred as "Healfies", "We", "Site", "Platform" or "Service".

And the qualified party as "User", also called "You."

"Healfies" is a platform that provides online service for sharing health information and for communication between individuals, professionals and health-related organizations.

When you register your account on Healfies you accept the terms of this agreement

1.3 Acceptance

By registering an account clicking on the "REGISTER", "Register Account" or similar action, accessing or using our services, through our website, mobile applications, data integration or any other way, implies full and unreserved acceptance of all the terms of the current version of this document.

The acceptance of these terms include the acceptance of the Privacy Policy and other rules or terms specific as to additional systems or services, which will be submitted to you when joining these services.

If you do not agree fully with these Terms of Use, DO NOT click on the "REGISTER" button, "Register Account" or similar, DO NOT submit any content, comments or information to Healfies platform.

Users who register their accounts are here called "Registered Users". We have users who access our services without registering an account, which are referred to as "users not registered" or "visitors". The current "Terms of Use" apply to both.

2. What we do, and what we don't

2.1 We provide storage services and information sharing

Healfies is a social networking service where you can

store and share information about your health, an electronic replacement for folders and exams bags that people often maintain and take to their medical appointments

We are a health information collaboration and storage platform

Caring for doctor- patient relationship is our duty

2.2 We respect and support the relationship between doctors and patients

We undertook our best efforts and designed Healfies features in order to support the physician-patient relationship as well as ethical and professional relationships of other health professionals involved as far as is possible through available services and technologies. We encourage users, whether patients or healthcare professionals, to adopt the same approach in their actions on and off Healfies.

We respect everyone's privacy and reputation

2.3 We respect people's rights to privacy and reputation

Our ​​technical standards and our processes aim to always respect and protect the privacy and reputation rights of individuals and organizations, connected or not to the health segment. Our efforts aim to meet the laws and regulations, but can go beyond what the law requires when our conscience require. Our users will be required having a compatible behavior with these values. We recommend all users to be always aware of our Privacy Policy, as the respect for people's rights in a social network depends on all who participate.

Healfies may fail or become unavailable during an emergency, so we recommend that you always have a plan B

2.4 We are not a mission critical resource for emergencies

In spite of our commitment to maintain the service with the greatest possible availability and possibly to have functionalities that aim to provide access to health information in emergencies, our services depend on a wide chain of technologies and infrastructure that may eventually fail. Therefore, we can not guarantee the availability of the information whenever it is necessary, especially in cases of emergency. For this reason you should always have another way to access critical information for emergencies.

Healfies is not a substitute for medical or healthcare professionals, but helps you to maintain contact to them

2.5 We DO NOT practice medicine or any related activity

We do not practice medicine, or any other activity or treatment related. We do not provide a platform for telemedicine, tele-consultations or similar. Our services are intended only to make life easier for patients and healthcare professionals through electronic access to information and collaboration with the use of information technology.

Healfies is not a EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

2.6 We do not provide Electronic Medical Record solutions

Healfies not is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), nor should it be used as such. The user may, however, export his information to third parties, not limited to healthcare professionals, being solely responsible for the recipient of the data.

Never skip to consult a doctor or health care professional person

2.7 We DO NOT replace the need to see a doctor or health care professional

Nothing contained in Healfies, whether written by anyone, should replace consultation with a healthcare professional in the area of expertise which they are entitled. Please be advised that postponing, procrastinating or avoiding consultation with a specialist or your doctor of confidence based on information or content obtained from Healfies or the internet may have serious consequences for your health. In case of suspicion, always look for a health service and see a doctor in person.
The contents found in Healfies should always be considered informative. They should never be used to suggest treatment lines, health advice, diagnosis or replace a consultation with a qualified professional.

We are not responsible for the opinions of other users or guarantee their integrity

2.8 We do not evaluate or guarantee professional opinions

Any user, be it health professional or not, who inserts, sends or shares his opinions or recommendations through Healfies is solely responsible for the opinions and information provided. We do not evaluate or warrant the accuracy, completeness, enforceability or reputation of any information.

Consider that the information may be incomplete or may not be reliable

2.9 We do not guarantee the integrity of information in Healfies

Healfies users, healthcare professionals or not, should consider the information contained in Healfies are not exhaustive and should not be considered complete. These information should never be considered covering all aspects, or that the cases contain the entire history or exhausted an entire theme.

We provide services that bring organizations and people together, but the control and privacy of your information is yours

2.10 We provide services to organizations

Healfies is also a communication channel between people and organizations such as clinics, hospitals, health plans, manufacturers and other companies or organizations. We may provide various services to these organizations, however only those "Personal Health Information" that you allow will be shared with organizations or any user.Use sharing permissions responsibly and conscientiously.

To learn more about our relationship with organizations laws our TERMS OF USE FOR ORGANIZATIONS

3. Intellectual Property, Confidentiality and Privacy

Our automated systems and our staff can access your information

3.1 Access Permission

We need your permission to host your information and files, storing backups and share when you ask, among other actions. Our services also provide features such as thumbnail images, preview of documents, e-mail organization, facilitated classification, editing, sharing and research. These and other features may require our systems to access, store and sweep your files. You give us permission to do these things, and this permission extends to our affiliates and trusted third parties we work with.

Different types of information will have specific treatments

3.2 Classification of Information

The information embedded in Healfies will be classified into different categories with specific treatments as follows:

Personal Health Information: all users health information stored in Healfies, inserted by users or organizations;

Applicable to the United States of America: We will consider all information classified as "Personal Health Information" as "Protected Healthcare Information (PHI)" under the HIPAA (1996) and HITECH Act (2013);

Identity information: is the information that identifies people or organizations, such as personal data, profile picture, demographic data, contact data, trade names, trademarks, logos, contact data and similar;

Non-Personal Information: all other information entered, not related to the identity and personal health data of individuals. In this category are included messages, opinions and comments;

Technical Product or Service Information: information entered by people or organizations regarding products, services, medicines, equipment, catalogs, models, processes and similar;

Third party content: information entered in Healfies that are authored by third parties, such as external links, videos, photos, texts or any other form of content.

All information entered in your timeline will be considered "Personal  Health Information" and therefore your property, even if generated by people who have written in your timeline

3.3 Your Health Information

All information entered in your timeline, even if inserted by another party such as your doctor or family, will be treated as "Personal Health Information" and therefore your property.

Except for paid accounts, we reserve the right to terminate and delete your account if you get 12 consecutive months without accessing our services. Before doing so, we will notify you in advance using the email address associated with your account.

We adopt the best practices, but follow your commands

3.4 Confidentiality of Information

Your "Personal Health Information" will only be visible or editable by other users through your permission, through sharing functions. Our sharing services allow you to share this information with people you choose. We recommend caution and attention to share sensitive health information, you are responsible for managing your shares.

You must respect our intellectual property and if you give a testimonial about Healfies, we'll can use it.

3.5 Our Intellectual Property

All trademarks, service names, products, processes and logos that are part of the site or related applications are considered Healfies intellectual property, regardless of their record.

By submitting suggestions, comments, testimonials or feedback of our services and Healfies site, these will be considered "Non-Personal Information" and as such you agree to assign the rights of use of this information for any purpose or purposes without the due payment or compensation of any kind.

You will not remove notices of intellectual property, registration marks or other notice related to intellectual property of our services or interfaces.

You should not enter content

that infringes intellectual property rights of others on Healfies

3.6 Intellectual Property of Others

You agree that you may only enter content or information on Healfies that does not infringe any third party rights, contracts or agreements. You also agree to enter only information that is true, ensuring that their actions do not cause harm to any person, Healfies user or not.

You agree that we may remove content or information posted on Healfies that do not comply with current legislation, with our terms of use, privacy policy, or if requested by justice.

4. Your Obligations, Rights and Limitations

To qualify as a Healfies user you must be at least 18 years of age and be capable of civilian purposes

4.1 User qualification

When creating an account on Healfies you declare, under penalty of law, be over 18 and able for civilian purposes. It also states that in case of operating an account of a minor or unable (both relative as absolutely), you are legally responsible for user registered in the system and takes full responsibility for the information provided, and in the case of allowing the operation of the system by minor or incapable, this should only happen under your supervision and responsibility.

You agree to keep your password secure, do not share your account with others and to follow the laws.

4.2 Responsibility for the security of your account

You should use a password that is considered safe by avoiding obvious passwords such as phone numbers, dates of birth and names of known persons.

Your password must be memorized and not written down where others can access. You will not share your password or use your account with someone else.

In case you suspect that your account has been accessed improperly or suspect misuse of Healfies by any user, you should immediately inform our team. You must follow the laws when using Healfies.

Be honest and sincere when using Healfies

4.3 Veracity of Information

You agree to enter only true and accurate information in your profile and your timeline. You agree to use your real name, only use photos that identify yourself, verify the accuracy of Social Security numbers and licenses that may be provided to the system.

You can not, under any circumstances, impersonate another person in Healfies.

4.4 Responsibility for use your account

You are responsible for use of your account, to keep it safe and for the consequences of your online actions in the use of Healfies or others from accessing your account.

You must observe the laws and regulations on the use of your account, either for personal or for business purposes.

It’s not allowed to:

  • Act dishonestly or socially inappropriately, including the publication of inappropriate content to a social health network;
  • Defame, abuse, or harass people or organizations;
  • Send spam or other unwanted communications;
  • Copy or subtract Healfies information by any means, including robots (bots), crawlers, browser plugins or any other technology for this purpose, or even by manual labor;
  • To reveal or disclose information for which you are not authorized, including third party health information, business information or any other information, confidential or not, without the express consent of the owner of the information;
  • Upload to Healfies any file with viruses, worms or any other threat to the security of the system or other users;
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, cryptography break or any other method or attempt to access or derive Helfies source code, or technology or programs provided or accessed in the context of this service, for any purpose whatsoever;
  • Bypass or override security features system;
  • Interfering with system operation or deliberately overloading the system with unnecessary loads, including conduct of "denial of service" attacks, viruses or related;
  • Monitor the availability or performance of services for any competitive purpose or competition;
  • Accessing the service by interfaces or software from unauthorized clients.

We do not provide guarantees of service availability and data durability

4.5 Service and Information Availability

Healfies and all its services and information are provided in "as is" format, without any commitment to perform modification or adjusts to any expectations.

We can not guarantee any level of service availability, we make no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the availability of services or durability of stored data against defects, technical or human error. Solely for the users to keep backups of your data.

We can change the available functions or discontinue services fully or partially at any time.

If you break the rules, we can limit or block access

4.6 Use Limitations

Healfies reserves the right to limit or block your access to the system, restrict or delete your account if you violate these Terms of Use or the applicable law.

4.7 No Warranties and Disclaimer

We do not offer guarantees of use, operation, availability or continuity of our services.

We can not guarantee that our website and the files stored on it are free of viruses, trojan horses or the like, which may cause you damage or loss.

We assume no responsibility of any kind for any existing content on the site. You should check the reliability of the information contained on the site at your own risk.

5. General Terms

Both parties can terminate this agreement at any time

You will be informed if there are changes in these Terms of Use, if you continue to use our services is because you agree with the changes

5.1 Duration and Termination

This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party by closing the Healfies account without prejudice to the assumed responsibilities.

5.2 Changes

You will receive a notification if a revision significantly change your rights. Notification may occur via a message sent to the email address associated with your account, a topic on our blog or on this page. Your continued access or use of our services after those revisions become effective, it is understood that you agree to follow the revised Terms.

5.3 Tolerance and integrity of understanding

Any tolerance to violations of this agreement does not imply any kind of acceptance and change in terms of this agreement.

This is the entire agreement between you and Healfies with respect to the subject matter of these Terms, and supersede any prior or contemporaneous agreements or terms and conditions applicable to the subject of this agreement. These Terms do not create any third party beneficiary rights.

5.4 Dispute Resolution

These Terms of Use shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, regardless of conflicts of these laws with laws of other states or countries, and competent the Court of the District of Florianópolis / SC, Brazil, to settle any questions arising from this instrument. The User consents expressly to the jurisdiction of that court, and renounces hereby to the jurisdiction of any other court, however privileged it is or may be.